Executive Team MUNoH2018

Anton Taubitz, Lars Burbank and Niklas Glienke

Dear particitations and visitors,

We are Anton Taubitz, Lars Burbank and Niklas Glienke, your Head of Kitchen Staff.
We will be managing everything around the kitchen, the food and the kiosk which some of
you might already know.
Of course we are not working alone and are very happy about the help of our Ad-Staff and
of the parents from the kitchen group in our School, which are really heavily supporting MUNoH
with their work.
We currently attend the 11th grade in our school and also been to MUNoH 2017, where you also
might have seen us. It can be really hard to stay focused the whole day but no worrys
we got you covered with everything you need.

Kind Regards,

The Head of Kitchen Staff