Executive Team MUNoH2018

Oskar Ensinger and Pauline Lemke

Dear MUNoH participants,

we, Oskar Ensinger and Pauline Lemke, will be your PGAs at the upcoming MUNoH conference in September 2018.
For those of you, who don’t know, we will mostly be in charge of the Student Officers and any questions, which might come up. As some of you know, the next conference will be the ten year jubilee of MUNoH. This is why our goal, and the one of the executive team, is to organize an unforgettable conference, so that you have a great time while you’re in Hamburg and at the Gymei. 
If you have any questions, we are always open to them either personally or via the email pga@munoh.de.
We are excited to see you at MUNoH18.
Best regards,
Oskar and Pauline