Issues on the Agenda

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1st Committee of the General Assembly


1. Evaluating the current threat of biological weapons

2. Measures to prevent terrorism with special focus on terroristic groups in Africa

3. Measures to strengthen cooperation among Member States in order to tackle the global threat of foreign fighters 

3rd Committee of the General Assembly


1. Protecting and ensuring the Rights of Non-Citizens

2. Acting upon the danger of sexual harassment of women and assessing new measures to educate society on misogyny

3. Strengthening the HIV response in order to reach health targets set by the sustainable development goals

4th Committee of the General Assembly


1. Finding measures to ensure the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals during the Covid-19 pandemic

2. Realising and counteracting the issue of increased plastic pollution driven by the production and usage of disposable protective equipment in order to slow the spread Covid-19

3. Acting upon Racial Disparities in Health Care

Special Commission on Africa


1. Finding answers to Africa’s water problem with focus on water security, distribution and access

2. Measures to improve social sustainability in the tourism sector of the oceans

3. Addressing the current Covid-19 spread with special regards to equitable distribution of vaccines especially to all African citizens

Security Council


1. The situation of Uighurs in China

2. Social protection in times of crisis: the urgency of achieving universal health coverage

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