Issues on the Agenda

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1st Committee of the General Assembly


1. Stabilising the situation at the Indo-Chinese border

2. Finding peaceful solutions on the Western Sahara conflict

3. Reviewing and renewing the INF Treaty

3rd Committee of the General Assembly


1. Acting upon the elimination of the gender gap as well as the economic and social gap in education

2. Finding measures for the development of a universal healthcare system

3. Controlling the spread of infectious deceases on a global scale

6th Committee of the General Assembly


1. Discussing gun laws in order to eliminate the issue of gun violence

2. Addressing the question of electoral integrity with focus on electoral manipulation

3. Measures to ensure equality before the law

Environmental Commission


1. Responding to and minimising the consequences of more frequent and extreme natural disasters due to climate change

2. Promoting the implementation of a proper waste disposal system in order to reduce plastic pollution of the oceans

3. Counteracting the anthropogenic greenhouse effect with special focus on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from the transportation sector

Human Rights Council


1. Protecting equal rights of minorities

2. The question of women’s quota in politics

3. Addressing the humanitarian impact of climate change focussing on displacement and climate refugees

Security Council


1. The situation in Hong Kong

2. The situation in Yemen

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