Model United Nations of Hamburg

Next Conference: 21th to 25th September 2022

Thank you for participating on MUNoH 2021!


Draft Resolution and 2 Position Papers 03.09.2021

Please send the documents to your chairs;

Here you can find the emails.


All documents are now available on our website, click to download!

A big thank you to our lovely MUN-Directors

A big thank you to our lovely MUN-Directors!

Important Information!


Due to the current situation, we are mainly planning a conference on a national level, for German schools only.

However, if there is the possibility, we would like to open the conference for international schools as well, but we can not ensure the participation of all international visitors right now.

In case of further questions occurring, do not hesitate to approach us at:

as we are more than happy to answer them.

Nevertheless, we would like you to register if you want to be part of MUNoH 2021.

We hope to see you in September!

Wichtige Informationen!


Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation planen wir hauptsächlich eine Konferenz auf nationaler Ebene, nur für deutsche Schulen.

Wenn es die Möglichkeit gibt, möchten wir die Konferenz auch für internationale Schulen öffnen, können jedoch derzeit nicht die Teilnahme aller internationalen Besucher sicherstellen.

Bei weiteren Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an:,

wir beantworten diese gerne.

Wir möchten jedoch, dass Sie sich registrieren, wenn Sie Teil von MUNoH 2021 sein möchten.

Wir hoffen, Sie im September zu sehen!

About MUNoH

Have you ever heard of MUNoH? In case you have not, MUNoH stands for “Model United Nations of Hamburg“, which is a simulation of the United Nations by high school students. For almost one week students from all over the world gather to discuss important international conflicts and to find solutions through dialogue as representatives of different countries.

The Gymnasium Meiendorf is hosting the conference in Hamburg for the 13th time. MUNoH will be organised by the two senior classes “International Relations“ and “Internationale Beziehungen“ together with Mrs. Runge as the conference’s MUN-director. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at MUNoH 2021.

The Executive Team


Clara Buceta Hager, Lena Rothstein und Svenja Vahl

Secretary General


Antonia Burghart, Emily Gödeke, Leonarda Šarić and Hannah Schlüt

Conference Management


Nima Mirzakhani and Sanja Koch

President of the General Assembly


Ramandeep Singh Kaur and Razaqi

Heads of Secretariat


Leon Schmitz and Leonie Utesch

Heads of Admin Staff


Nick Schulz and Jan-Luca Maiwaldt

Financial Management


Mara Foellmer and Janina Vollert



Lars Gedlek and Rasmus Schnöckel

External Student Supervisor


Doha Tolba and Venesa Sinanj

Event Management


Carl Johann Pietsch and Fabian Breitkopf

Head of Computer Staff


Paul Fockele and Kevin Struve

Head of Kitchen Staff


Collin Lonkow and Vivien Shahbazian

Internal Delegate Supervisor


Mika Dörmer and Josefin Kettler


Rishi Sharma

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