Model United Nations of Hamburg

Next conference: 9th to 13th October 2024

The conference is over.

First Things First

Thank you for having participated in MUNoH 2023, we hope you enjoyed the conference. MUNoH 2024 will take place from
October 9th to 13th, 2024. 
Please note that most of the documents on this website, such as the Program of Events or the Information Booklet, contain information from last years conference and are currently being updated.
You can use them for a brief orientation of what MUNoH 2024 will be like.
If you are interested in participating or have any questions regarding MUNoH, you can contact us via


We are looking forward to seeing you at MUNoH 2024!
MUNoH takes place at the Gymnasium Meiendorf in Hamburg, Germany. Use the button below to find us on Google Maps.

Important Deadlines

Final Registration

Chair Research Report

As soon as possible – May 15th

June 3rd

About MUNoH

Have you ever heard of MUNoH? In case you have not, MUNoH stands for “Model United Nations of Hamburg“, which is a simulation of the United Nations by high school students. For almost one week students from all over the world gather to discuss important international conflicts and to find solutions through dialogue as representatives of different countries.

The Information Booklet (2023)

The Executive Team

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Team 07-3
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Team 11-2
Team 09-2
During October 5th, 2023, the NDR, a german television broadcast, was with us to record the 15th annual session of Model United Nations of Hamburg. 
The link to the recording can be found right below.