MUNoH e.V.

Dear MUN participants, distinguished teachers, fellow students, dear future MUN generation,

In February 2019, the Model United Nations of Hamburg association was founded. We are alumni, teachers and students connecting the former MUN generations and the current MUN Team. We have a wide range of knowledge to support the executive team and offer alumni to contribute to and connect with MUNoH again.

Our tasks include supporting the conference in an advisory capacity and providing an additional financial resource for our MUN. We support the workshop for first timers, are contact persons for individual teams to answer any questions they have, support students who want to participate in other conferences, but do not have the financial capacity to do so and we are in contact with other MUN associations to have an even better exchange of information.

All of this work is only possible with a broad base of members and supporters. It does not matter if you have a lot of MUN experience or not, everyone who wants to be a part can join us. We hope to see you soon as a member of our association!

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