Issues and Committees

Innovating Crisis management: Embracing Challenges for future Growth

General assembly

First Committee
  1. Finding agreements to ensure the safety of aid organizations in crisis areas
  2. Evaluating the ethics and implications of providing weapon assistance from other nations to warring nations
  3. Analyzing the root cause and effects of illegal weapon trade
Third Committee
  1. Promoting restitution and the return of cultural property to its country of origin
  2. Investigating the challenges and opportunities of protecting and assisting refugees at borders through a human rights framework
  3. Establishing a framework for the rights and well-being of indigenous communities, including land rights, cultural preservation and economic development
Sixth Committee
  1. Upholding accountability and transparency to corruption and malfeasance by UN staff in peacekeeping missions
  2. Advancing psychological care for survivors of trauma with emphasis on military personnel
  3. Implementing strategic initiatives to counter terrorism, with emphasis on mitigating the influence of extremist organizations

Independent Councils

Economic and Social Council
  1. Expanding natural disaster preparedness and mitigation
  2. Deliberating the efficiency of sanctions as conflict mitigation measures
  3. Developing an early warning and response network in crisis zones
Commitee of the Right of the Child
  1. Reuniting families that have been separated while fleeing from war zones
  2. Tackling the problem of human trafficking
  3. Engaging in a dialogue with nations that use child soldiers
Human Rights Council
  1. Discussing the legalization and legitimization of Cannabis for medical purposes
  2. Re-engaging the discussion on the freedom of speech of journalists, concentrating on the countries that have not yet established such frameworks
  3. Ensuring and protecting clean water, sanitation and food security for residents in times of conflict
Security Council
  1. Addressing the political situation in North Korea
  2. Examining the challenge of lethal autonomous weapons
  3. crisis
United Nations Peacebuilding Commission
  1. Negotiating reconciliation between Ethiopia and Eritrea for sustainable and continuous peace
  2. Cultivating diplomatic solution for the Israel and Palestine conflict
  3. Establishing a framework for post- conflict reconstruction
Special Commission on the African Union
  1. Implementing debt management for post colonial nations
  2. Navigating the impact of the belt road intuitive on African countries
  3. Combating sickness and plagues in African slums