General Assembly

I. 1st Committee (Disarmament and International Security)

Main Chair: Josefine Bühler

Deputy Chair: Malina Breiholdt


  1. Discussing measures to prevent a further deterioration of the humanitarian crisis after
    the takeover of the Taliban in Afghanistan

  2. Evaluating the threat posed to states by digital warfare and finding measures to prevent

  3. Discussing a possible reform of the Security Council

II. 3rd Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

Main Chair: Tuba Banu Omid

Deputy Chair: Mats Gödeke


  1. Finding measures to prevent human trafficking
  2. Responding to the increase in child labour caused by Covid-19
  3. Acting upon the human rights violations in the Tigray conflict

III. 4th Committee (Decolonization and special political committee)

Main Chair: Carlotta Gruber

Deputy Chair: Nila Faqirzada


  1. Overcoming post-colonial dependance by addressing the issue of neocolonialism
  2. Installing measures to prevent the spread of Fake News in times of conflict
  3. Revision of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir

Economic and Social Council:

IV. Environmental Commission

Main Chair: Leyla Tanriverdi

Deputy Chair: Victoria Bech


  1. Discussing the viability of moving towards renewable energy sources in order to
    overcome the world’s dependance on fossil fuels and diminish the carbon-dioxide
  2. Finding measures to stabilize food supply chains in times of conflict in order to prevent
  3. Implementing new agricultural as well as water management systems in order to combat
    desertification and to counteract the destruction of ecosystems

V. Commission on Science and Technology for development

Main Chair: L. Monique Holmgaard

Deputy Chair: Lucy Albrecht


  1. Acting upon the threat surveillance technology and the misuse of personal data pose to
    human rights
  2. Evaluating drone warfare and the impact it has on modern warfare and global security
  3. Discussing the matter of nuclear waste disposal in space

VI.Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Main Chair: Karl Ensinger

Deputy Chair: Vivien Shahbazian


  1. Countering the financing terrorism in South Asia
  2. Developing a strategy to enhance women’s economic participation with special regards
    to the access to loans and financial services
  3. Responding to the increase in forced marriages since the Covid-19 pandemic

VII.Security Council

Main Chair: Jule Greven

Deputy Chair: Malina Willems


  1. The situation in Yemen
  2. The Middle East conflict