The Executive Team

Secretaries General

Esteemed participants and guests of MUNoH 2021!
We, the Secretaries General, Clara Buceta Hager, Lena Rothstein, and Svenja Vahl, proudly welcome you to this year’s conference! The Secretaries General of the United Nations represents the UN ideals and is a spokesperson for the interests of the world’s people. On a smaller scale, like Model UN, it means to choose the conference’s main issue and all topics discussed. We have put a lot of thought into all issues on the agenda in order to provide you an unforgettable MUN experience. Deciding which committees and councils are relevant and which countries are essential to be represented in those, goes hand in hand with our responsibilities to offer a remarkable conference.
All three of us have been to several conferences and therefore, have gained quite a few memorable experiences along the way. A lot has changed since our first conferences, but the MUN spirit has always been a great companion. It is our aim to carry it on this year!
During the conference we offer guidance, assistance, and we will be available to answer all your questions concerning the rules of procedure. So, contact us any time for any uncertainties regarding the dress code, debating procedure, position papers, resolution, or anything else via e-mail:
We are looking forward to MUNoH 2021 and hope you are as well!
Yours truly,
Clara Buceta Hager, Lena Rothstein, and Svenja Vahl

Conference Management

Esteemed participants and guests of MUNoH 2021,

we, Antonia Burghart, Emily Gödeke, Leonarda Šarić and Hannah Schlüter, are more than delighted to welcome you to the 13th session of Model United Nations of Hamburg as this years Conference Management Team. As the Conference Managers we are not only in charge of ensuring a fluent, trouble-free and smooth procedure of the whole conference but also arranging the Opening and the Closing ceremony. Additionally, we are organizing the necessary measures concerning the current COVID-19 pandemic.

We aspire to enable you an unforgettable and extraordinary MUNoH experience in order to make it one of the best conferences you have ever attended.

If any further questions regarding the conference are occurring, feel free to contact us any time via:

We are looking forward to seeing you next September in Hamburg!


Your Conference Management Team

President of the General Assembly

Esteemed participants,
we are the PGAs of MUNOH 2021 and are absolutely delighted to chair the General Assembly.
I am Sanja Koch and this coming MUN conference will be my sixth in total and my second time chairing.
My name is Nima Mirzakhani and I have taken part in four conferences including one time chairing, hence, MUNOH 2021 will be my second time as a chair.
We aim to organize and provide an unforgettable conference and experience, that inspires you to take on any challenge life may bring upon.
It has always been a dream and goal of us to become the President of the General Assembly one day that we almost accomplished, the only thing missing is you, and therefore:
We are looking forward to see you soon and are honored to be part of your MUN-journey!
Yours truly,
Sanja K. and Nima M.

Heads of Secretariat

Hello fellow MUN practicants of the MUNoH 2021 conference!

We, the Head of Secretariat, Ramandeep Singh Kaur and Sheila Razaqi are honoured to host the 12th MUNoH conference. During the conference we will be open for any questions and help if complications occur. We are more than excited to meet all of you, make unforgettable memories and have heated debates. Until then, stay save and contact us via if you have any questions!

Your sincerely,

Raman and Sheila

Heads of Admin Staff

Dear paticipants and guests of MUNoH 2021,
We, Leonie Utesch and Leon Carlos Schmitz, are the Heads of Administration Staff for Model United Nations of Hamburg 2021. We are in charge of coordinating and motivating our AdStaffs to be where they are needed and more importantly to get all the committees prepared for a great debate.
Our goal is to make this conference the best one ever. We are looking forward to seeing you!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail:

Yours sincerely,
Leonie Utesch and Leon Carlos Schmitz

Financial Management

Dear participants and guests of MUNoH 2021,
we are Jan-Luca Maiwaldt and Nick Schulz and delighted to introduce ourselves as the Financial Management for the upcoming conference. Before and during the conference we are responsible for everything concerning financial management. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us either personally or via email at
We are looking forward to a financially stable conference!
Best regards,
Jan-Luca and Nick


Dear participants and guests of MUNoH 2021,

We, the Head of Press, Mara Foellmer and Janina Vollert, liked to welcome you to our Conference 2021.We are in charge of the representation of the Model United Nations of Hamburg in the Media and preparing documents and magazines for everyone who is interested. We would like to show the world how much potential this conference has and how great we are able to combine politics, discussions, fun and finding new friends in this event. We communicate and work together with local media, websites and social media.
We are very looking forward to meeting you all at this conference!
By any questions feel free to contact us via e-mail
Best regards,
Mara Foellmer and Janina Vollert

External Student Supervisor

Dear participants and guests of MUNoH 2021,

We, Rasmus Schnöckel and Lars Gedlek, are the External Student Supervisors of this years MUNoH conference. Our duty is to gather host families for our international guests. Therefore we are going to provide lovely and matching host families for you, so you can enjoy our conference. Feel free to contact us via e-mail if you are interested in becoming a host family or if you have any questions. We are looking forward hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Lars and Rasmus

Event Management

Dear participants and guest of Munoh 2021!
We, Venesa Sinanaj and Doha Tolba are the Event Management of this year’s conference. Being the Event Managers, we organize all events outside the normal range of debates. Furthermore, we take care of the traditional MUN-party as well as the committee-evening. We are trying to make this conference as unique as possible and hope that everyone has a great time during MUNoH 2021! By any questions fell free to contact us via e-mail:
Best regards,
Venesa S. and Doha T.

Head of Computer Staff

Dear participants and guests of MUNoH 2021!
We, Fabian Breitkopf and Carl Johann Pietsch, are your media directors for this year’s conference. The essential computers, microphones, projectors etc. are organized and set up by us. We are also the current managers of the MunOH website. It is in our best interest to do our best so that all systems work properly so that we can all have a fun conference this year. If you have any questions or comments, please contact

Have fun debating,
Carl and Fabian

Head of Kitchen Staff

Dear participants and guests of MUNOH 2021!

We Kevin Struve and Paul Fockele are in charge of the Kitchen in this years conference. Currently we are attending the 11th grade at Gymnasium Meiendorf. We will be taking care of everything regarding the Kitchen. We are looking forward to meeting you during the MUNOH 2021.
If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us at via

Best regards,

Your Kitchen Staff

Internal Delegate Supervisor

Dear participants and guests of MUNoH 2021,

we, Vivien Shahbazian and Collin Lankow, are your personal Internal Delegate Supervisors at MUNoH 2021. As students, attending the Gymnasium Meiendorf in Hamburg, we will do our best to make your experience as memorable as possible. Our job this year is to guide and properly prepare the Delegates for coming debates. You can, at all times, always reach out to me and my partner, by emailing us at

Best regards,

Vivien Shahbazian and Collin Lankow


Dear parctipants and guests of MUNoH 2021,

We are Mika Dörmer and Josefin Kettler and are the photostaffs. We participated in the MUNoH conference 2020 as ambassador and AdStaff. It is our job to film and photograph the conference at its best. With this we cut a final video of the conference to show the most beautiful moments from MUNoH 2021, trying to make it unforgettable. In addition, we manage the social media account and also produce the images for it.

Yours sincerely,

Josefin and Mika

Sustainable Management


I, Rishi Sharma,

am delighted to be a part of MUNoH 2021 as the head of the Sustainable Management, which now officially is a new position.
I would take all measures within my reach to make this event safe and hygienic for all the participants while producing the least possible amount of waste.

Yours friendly,

Rishi Sharma

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